The Most ‘Dog-Friendly’ Bar Takes In Rescue Dogs And Finds Them Forever Homes

Serving food and drink isn’t their only specialty; they add value to their bar by helping rescue dogs get a second go at a happy life.

While Fido’s Taphouse bar offers its customers many delicious meals and drinks on its menu, it offers one more unique thing – quality time with rescue pups. 

Scott Porter is the one who established the incredible bar for a life-changing reason – helping disadvantaged dogs, making it every dog lover’s dream pub.
The joint efforts of Fido’s and Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals (OFOSA) have been a huge success as OFOSA’s goal is to “save as many homeless adoptable animals as humanly possible, restore them to health, and find them loving forever homes”

The bar usually takes in 4-8 dogs from the rescue group. Guests are welcome to spend time with the dogs and even play with them in the “day room” which leads many times to successful adoptions. 

Playing with doggos in the “day room” will also help the bar to support the rescue group, charities, and covering costs. A 30-minute play session with the canines will cost $4 that will go straight to the above-mentioned causes.

Those who fell in love with one of the pups will be required to pass a short waiting period that will make sure they are able to adapt and wouldn’t change their minds. 

Potential adoptive parents will be asked to bring over their families to ensure everyone is happy with the adoption, including the dog.

The outstanding initiative found more than 70 pups forever homes, and people love keeping up with the heartwarming initiative on social media. 
The bar’s Instagram account and Facebook page share adorable pictures and post about adoption and foster stories and atmosphere photos that attract more customers for all the right reasons.

Fido’s makes donations to charity and also hosts charity events for free to raise awareness and spread the word. Its no wonder why people enjoy dining at the restaurant, since knowing that it contributes to an incredible initiative makes Fido’s the ideal place.

For more information about OFOSA, click here, and you can learn more about Fido’s here.

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