The Most Beautiful Bengal Cat On Social Won The Hearts Of The Internet Community

All cats are beautiful. But this Bengal cat is something special.

This Bengal cat has special marking, eyes, and personality that got people around the world go crazy!

Thor is an Instagram celebrity who got famous after his owner, Rani Cucicov posted his adorable photos on social media, now people are smitten with this adorable cat’s beauty.

The Bengal cat has short hair with leopard markings, making him looks like a wild animal. In fact, it’s a mix of leopard and a domestic cat.

Rani was captured by Thor when she first saw him at a cattery in the Netherlands. She came there to look at another feline, but when the breeder introduced Thor, she knew he was the one.

His orange-brown colors shined in her eyes and made other 215K people fall in love with him too.

When she created the Instagram account, she would have never guessed that he would go so viral.

The Instagram sensation’s traits are similar to a tiger’s; everyone around him is his servant, and he keeps it clear that he’s the king of the house. Thor is friendly and affectionate as well; he will never turn down a good snuggling. Plus, although he’s mysterious and superior, he can be goofy as well.

Some may think that all Bengals look similar, but after seeing this royal feline, there’s no doubt that he’s the most beautiful Bengal we’ve ever seen.

Since Thor is so rarely beautiful, some believe that his fur isn’t real. But how can we blame them? He’s too gorgeous to be true.

We can’t wait to see more adorable pictures of the royal cat on his Instagram account!

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