The Most Adorable Thing! UPS Driver Takes Selfies With Dogs He Meets

The next pictures will surely make your day! It has been decades of rivalry between delivery personnel and dogs. But it’s a new era in which dogs and delivery people team up and become best friends.

Recently, people have started to upload some viral pictures of mail carriers posing with adorable pooches. Jay Hardesty knows how to do it best! His joyful smile and his casual dog friends make the best match, and it all takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The 30-year-old UPS driver decided about two years ago to start taking selfies with doggos he meets during his shifts, and share them in his Instagram account.

Hardesty’s account had lots of followers. But when one of the dogs’ owners have realized he has been posing with dogs and sharing the pictures, she tweeted:

It was a tweet that drawn lots of attention to his Instagram account, and in the course of two days, he gained over 10K followers two days! What an accomplishment.

Although he has different kinds of friendships with each dog, there was a dog that was too hesitant to greet the driver.
But happily, after a while, he gained the dog’s trust and were able to show him some love.
Someone is jealous..

The famous driver has a bunch of must-see selfies in stock, but he posts one picture every Friday evening, so stay tuned and follow Hardesty on Instagram!

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