The Most Adorable Rescue Squirrel Is An Instagram Sensation!

Meet Jill, a female squirrel rescue from hurricane Issac. The fluffy animal is seven years old, and she was in a life-threatening situation when Hurricane Issac came ashore in Louisiana 7 years ago.

The friendly squirrel lives with her human parents and is regularly pampered. Since the squirrel is a real princess, her parents created an Instagram account just for her, “This Girl Is A Squirrel.”

The adorable animal has become an Instagram sensation and has amassed over 630K followers from all over the world. Jill states on her profile that she’s a vegetarian and parkour expert. She also admits that her only fear is the vacuum, and she adores Starbucks napkin for some reason.

Moreover, Jill has a tiny stuffed animal, a teddy bear which she never lets out of eyeshot, especially when she goes to bed. The rescue squirrel is potty-trained and is an excellent model (as seen in the pictures below).

During the hurricane, she was found on the ground after she fell out of her nest. That was when her parents came across her. They couldn’t leave her there to fend for herself, so they made a decision to take her in temporarily. But once they got to know her, they became inseparable.

Jill is a real star! She has been the internet’s cutest celebrity since 2015! What an incredible achievement.

It seems she enjoys her life and adores her family. Her parents celebrate her birthday, treat her with yummy treats, and the fashionista even wears stylish outfits.

One of her favorite activities is going to the beach, traveling, and of course, napping! 

But when it’s time to work, she poses to the camera like a pro and makes sure her followers keep up with her posts. The rescue squirrel enjoys being the center of attention and keeps on taking over social media.
Click here to visit her renowned Instagram account.

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