The Most Adorable Giant Maine Coon Cat Has Become An Instagram Sensation

The Maine coon breed is becoming more viral as feline owners post pictures of their gigantic furballs, having social media captured by their magical features. 

People can’t stop looking at pictures of this endearing cat

The Maine coon is the largest domesticated cat breed and is believed to originate from the Norwegian Forest Cat, seemingly coming from Scandinavia with the Vikings.

It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America and is native to Maine, United States. The special cat is the official state feline of Maine, but recently it has created an online buzz after Maine coon owners started to share photos of their pets with the world.

The social media couldn’t help but fall in love with the breed, and now more and more photos of the unique breed are pouring in.

It looks quite magical, like a mesmerizing character from an animation movie, but as Maine coons are incredibly adorable, there’s one Maine coon that has become a social media sensation and has taken over the internet by storm.

The popular breed is social but independent as well; they like being around people but not as touchy as other breeds. The giant cats grow over 3 ft long, and they are quite heavy; males weigh up to 18 lbs as females can weigh up to 12lbs. Their special Lynx-like ears and human-like faces make them look wild and fierce that’s why they are known as ‘gentle giants.’

Meet Lotus, a beautiful Maine coon from Sweden that has been amassing many followers and reactions on social media. Her adorable cat completely smote its owner, so she created an Instagram account just for her big furball.

We guess she was right about her feline’s uniqueness because more than 282K people are following Lotus!

The cat is quite curious and loves exploring the house and the neighborhood. Since Maine coons have long and multilayered hair, they enjoy the frost and like roaming on the snow.

Lotus lives with its black Maine coon sibling Lady Marion.

The Instagram account shows how adventures and loving Lotus can be at times and keeps surprising us of how distinctive Maine coons are.

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