From Creative To Adorable: The Methods Zookeepers Use To Weigh Wild Animals

Are you one of those people who’d do anything to avoid stepping on a scale? While weighing oneself isn’t many people’s favorite task, it’s at least one that is effortless. At least compared to what it takes to make a wild animal step on a scale and remain still. Luckily over the years, zookeepers developed methods that help them weigh wild animals, and they range all the way from creative to downright adorable.

A marine biologist named Emily Greenhalgh, who works as a caretaker at The New England Aquarium in Boston, shared pictures showing the process of weighing baby penguins. The penguin chicks are placed in plastic tubes that are gently placed on the scales. Sea lions, who are weighed much more frequently, are trained to jump onto the scale. This makes weighing them a (nearly) effortless task.

Using Treats Is One Way For Caretakers To Weigh Wild Animals
A Fake Branch Is A One Way For Caretakers To Weigh Wild Animals

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