The Life Of A Sick Dog Turns Around After Pilot Flies Her 400 Miles To Her New Home

When Ashlyn, a shelter dog living in North Carolina, was feeling a bit down, it was obvious to the shelter’s staff that something wasn’t right.

She wasn’t acting like her natural energetic, and playful self, so they’ve decided to get her checked by a vet.

Sadly the lovely pooch was diagnosed with cancer, after discovering she had numerous tumors under her skin. The vet estimated she’d only live for a few more months.

Tracy Lander

Knowing Ashlyn for a while, the shelter’s staff cared for her greatly and wanted her final days to be as comfortable, and joyous as possible. They wanted her to spend her final days in a warm, loving, and caring home.

If finding shelter dogs homes is a difficult task, finding one for a dying dog is near impossible, but against all odds, the wonderful staff managed to find her one. The only problem was, that her new family was located 400 miles away, and Ashlyn’s time was running out.

Tracy Lander

Luckily that’s exactly when Paul Steklkenski, founder of Flying Fur Animal Rescue, came into the picture. His non-profit organization specializes in flying in-need pets over long distances. He was more than happy to take responsibility for flying the sweet pooch to her new home.

Ashlyn boarded the plane and sat in her comfy first-class seat. Paul who served as both pilot and flight attendant gave her biscuits and tried to calm her down. according to Paul, the doggo started off a bit distant, but quickly opened up: at first, she laid one paw on his lap, then she laid the other, and shortly after she placed her head on him, cuddling in gratitude

Despite having an impressive record of performing similar flights, Paul recalls this one as being an especially emotional one.

After landing, Paul and Ashlyn met her new mother Tracy Lancer. Tracy was a kind woman, determined to provide Ashlyn with a loving home, in which she could spend her final days. Even though Tracy expected Ashlyn to be very ill, she was still shocked by the pooch’s condition: “She was down to 39 pounds — her ideal weight is between 65 and 70. She came to me with a sweater on — when I took it off, I could see every rib.”

Tracy Lander

Ashlyn was welcomed in her new home with open arms. Tracy’s other dog (that’s symbolically named ‘Angel’), embraced her and showed her love from the minute he met her.

Even though Tracy was told that the dog only had a few more months to live, Ashlyn outlived her vet’s estimations, gained her weight back, and seems to be returning to her playful self.

Though she’s not completely out of the woods yet, Ashlyn’s condition was significantly improved by the healing power of love.

Tracy Lander

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