Meet The Internet’s Grumpiest Cat

Sorry Madame Eyebrows, it seems that the internet has a new grumpy king. World, meet Kitzia, an adorable tabby cat that has been nominated by her 47K followers on Instagram, as the internet’s grumpiest cat.

The Internets Grumpiest Cat Likes To Be Left Alone

The grumpy little cat is called Kitzia, which translates to ‘kitty’. Kitzia lives with her mamma Viktoriia Otdielnova, in Florida. Otdielnova, who’s originally from Ukraine, moved to the states 6 years ago. She works as a professional photographer, and it shows in the adorable pictures of her cat.

For Otdielnova photography is much more than a 9-to-5 job, it’s her life’s passion. She wrote on her website: “It brings me so much joy creating memories that last forever. Photography is a part of me, of who I am,” Viktoriia concluded: “It is my endless source of energy.”

We saved you some time by putting together a compilation of Kitzia’s grumpiest and funniest pictures. Your welcome.

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