The Internet Is Obsessed With This Puppy’s Sweet Little ‘Butt’

Looking at Porter’s adorable little face, one may think that things can’t get much cuter. Well, that’s probably because you can’t see his cute little butt from this angle. An accidental picture showing the puppy’s cute little butt recently emerged online, and the internet has been obsessed with it ever since.

Alyssa Isabel, Porter’s mother, documents her furbaby’s growth on a daily basis. While most of Porter’s pics get a hefty amount of warm reactions on social media, one recent picture of him nearly broke the internet. We guess that many good things really do happen by accident because Isabel never even intended the picture to come out the way it did.

It was only a few hours after taking the picture that Isabel looked at it again noticed that her doggo’s backside appeared to have a pair of two human-looking butt cheeks. It was a matter of seconds before Isabel posted the hilarious picture to Twitter.

A couple of hours later, the internet already became obsessed with the puppy’s sweet little ‘butt’. Isabel’s tweet has been retweeted 87K times and liked by more than 805K people worldwide! It seemed that Porter’s sweet little buttocks were all the world needed right now.

Porter doesn’t actually have a butt, of course. The proper butt cheeks seen in the picture are simply a result of the way his momma held him for the picture. It’s just some extra skin squished together. Isabel later said that ‘his butt hasn’t made an appearance ever since’. If it does, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll be the first to tell you about it.

Share Porter’s hilarious ‘butt’ pic with your friends and family to brighten their day!

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