The Hotel That Lets You Foster A Dog When You Check-In, And Adopt It When You Check-Out

There’s so much to love about concept hotels. From the second you step into one, you enter a parallel universe that’s completely disconnected from your everyday life. But there are even more things to like about the concept hotel in this story.

At ‘The Home 2 Suites’ hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi you can find rooms that provide you with everything you’ll need for your stay. The thing is, that unlike other hotels in town, this hotel’s definition of “everything you need” also includes a sweet foster pup, that would keep you company on your stay.

The Foster pups are housed in a large kennel in the hotel’s lobby, and guests are free to apply for adoption at any time during their stay. The program, called “Fostering Hope”, is a result of the hotel’s collaboration with The Humane Society of South Mississippi, that’s also responsible for providing them with new foster dogs.

Humane Society of South Mississippi

“Fostering Hope” is anything but a publicity trick. It helps free up more space at the shelter and significantly increases the dog’s chances of being adopted, by matching them with people that weren’t looking to adopt initially.

Humane Society of South Mississippi

Guests who only want to ease their travels with the company of a furry friend are welcome to foster a dog for the period of their stay. With that being said, after spending some time with the dogs, many guests find taking them home with them too hard to resist.

So far, 33 dogs have found a loving forever home thanks to The Home 2 Suites’ “Fostering Hope” program

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