The First-Ever American Rescue Dog Show is Has Become A Sensation

Rescue dogs show? Could There be Such an Amazing Event?

Yes, sir. The First rescue dog show is making waves all over the country. The show is determined to not judge a dog based on its breed, but rather their personality and capabilities.

The aim of the rescue show is to raise awareness of rescue dogs and help find them a loving, safe home. There are so many beautiful, adorable dogs just waiting to be loved, and this show puts the spotlight on them. 

This is the only show in which a dog must be a rescue to fit the criteria. Moreover, this time being a mutt is actually working for the competitors; they’re the competition’s favorites.

The show is hosted by Rebecca Romijn and Rich Eisen and features celebrity judges. It showcases the dogs’ best traits out of 10 different categories: 

  • Best Couch Potato
  • Best In Wiggle Butt
  • Best In Fetching
  • Best In Listening
  • Best In Snoring
  • Best In Senior Dog
  • Best In Special Needs
  • Best In Talking
  • Best In Underbite
  • Best In Kissing

At the end of the first round, the judges pick the 10 best dogs that excelled in every category. The finishing rescue dogs will face off for the ultimate triumph.  

Which one will win, and rise to fame?

The doggy winner will enjoy the coveted title – Best in Rescue.

The winners will enjoy a 75,000$, donated by The Petco Foundation.

We are so excited to find out which adorable pup will win each category, not to mention taking home the grand prize. One thing is for sure, this show is going to be filled with cute captivating cuties.

Celebrity judge Ross Matthews says that he decided to join the team because of his love for special needs dogs. He loves their character. 

This show is an incredible event, yet its real goal is to motivate people to adopt dogs instead of buying them. 

The show will let us get to know each and every competitor on an emotional level, listen to their stories, and connect to them in a personal way.

At the end of the event, you will find yourself opening a place in your heart for these cuties, rooting for every competitor.

Some rescue dogs are young, some are older. Some are silly, some are brighter. Some are big, while some are tiny enough to fit into a purse! But they all fill our hearts and homes with love and a lot of happiness. Now, these dogs have a chance to have their day in the sun, in a dog show that was tailormade, especially for them.  

Tune in for the first-ever American Rescue Dog Show on Hallmark Channel on February 19 at 8pm ET/PT.

Nowadays, many rescue organizations save thousands of pets each year. Those facilities provide primary care, yet struggle to make ends meet. Help fund shopping for shelter organizations, so they’ll be able to provide quality food and medical care to all animals. 

Every dollar counts!

  1. How about mixed breed rescues that participate in AKC sports and receive titles? Or rescues that become therapy dogs? Rescues that become service dogs? It should be about more than how a dog looks.

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