The Connection Between Petting Dogs And Drugs

People might think that they can’t stop snuggling with their dogs due to the boundless love they have for them. Well, they aren’t entirely right, but there’s one more crucial factor that impacts the human body. Science confirms that petting your dog is like a drug.

The brain has the ability to process the things we touch uniquely. It is much smarter than we might have thought. The human brain can interpret things that touch our skin into three categories: unpleasant, neutral, and pleasant.


We get lots of satisfaction when we cuddle our fluffy companions and so, choosing between the three categories wouldn’t be a challenging task. Our brains are busy processing all sorts of senses into emotions. 


The University of Missouri–Columbia study shows that petting our dogs, lights up a particular part of the brain that releases dopamine and serotonin. The two play an essential role in addiction. Therefore you feel like you can’t stop cuddling your pooch.


Dopamine contributes to feelings of satisfaction and pleasure, which also plays a part in addiction. The serotonin contributes to happiness and well-being and also believed to play a significant role in maintaining mood balance.

People who have low dopamine and serotonin are likely to suffer from depression among other mood disorders.  

Dogs serve practical health benefits in plenty of fields. There’s a reason why they support veterans, help people with mental issues and lots of others.


Having dogs helps with reducing allergies. Studies have shown that children who grow up with dogs are exposed to more things that challenge the immune system at an early age. Therefore, they are likely to have fewer allergies.

Dogs lower the stress and anxiety level. While stress has various negative effects on the human body, snuggling canines positively contributes vice versa. For instance, stress highers cortisol levels in the bloodstream while petting dogs lowers it.

In addition, being around dogs helps to reduce blood pressure, which leads to fewer chances of having heart diseases. Since having a dog forces you to go out for walks, which serves the benefit of getting vitamin D, you’re in a lower risk of suffering from obesity.


Thank you science for confirming what we’ve known all along, dogs are awesome. 

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