Teen And Cow Take A Nap Together And Pull At People’s Heartstrings

Shapes and colors don’t limit true friendships; Mitchell Miner and Audri the cow are living proof of that.

Miner is an animal lover teen from Iowa who formed a unique friendship with an unlikely friend, a cow. They were captured doing the most adorable thing together, and the picture pulled at people’s hearts.

jeremy miner

In the picture, the duo is taking a nap while snuggling with each other at the Iowa State Fair’s youth dairy cattle show. This special moment has surely warmed our hearts and other millions’ hearts as well.

Besides the fact that this photo is more than adorable, the story behind it is even more special. Although the two companions didn’t win the blue ribbon, this photo stole the show a Fox News and CBS News wanted to report it.

Getting ready for the contest took lots of efforts from both Miner and Audri. During the preparations, they woke up at 3 AM and dedicated the rest of the day in getting ready.

But they weren’t much lucky when the results came out. Miner and Audri took the 5th place out of 7 other contesters, and a nap was everything they needed after a long day and weeks of preparations.

The story has caught everyone’s attention and quickly went viral.

Being a part of the farm maintenance requires lots of effort, and Miner was a dedicated farm boy. From feeding the livestock and walking it to bathing it, Miner did everything. Apparently, that boy created a special bond with the farm animals while doing all that hard work.

As seen in the photo, the family’s teen taught him to be compassionate with the farm animals, and people couldn’t resist but love it.

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