Teacher Lives Out of the Car So Her Dog Will Have a Place to Stay

Hillary Barrows lived in France and taught pupils English every weekday. When she came home, she had her two furry companions waiting for her; her canines Robbie and Cleo.

Unfortunately, Hillary’s life was about to become extremely hard and complicated. After she lost her job, it became difficult for her to pay rent, and she was kicked out to the street.

The only thing that Hillary had was her two pals, Robbie and Cleo, and her car. She knew that wherever she goes, they’ll go. She had to go find a new job and earn some money in order to get her life back on track.

Hillary wanted to be an English teacher again, so she started driving all over Europe with her canine friends.

The three of them visited Denmark and tried to find work for Hillary but to no avail. Because she didn’t have any money, the three musketeers had to spend many nights in the car, suffering from the cold winter weather.

Barrows was at her wit’s end; she couldn’t believe that she hadn’t received any calls with an opportunity at hand. Due to her awful financial state, Hillary had no choice but to drive back home to the UK.   

On her way back, Hillary had slept in many Salvation Army shelters. Yes, she received food and had a roof over her head, but she had to leave her dogs in the car and give up her sense of independence. It was tough to do so at her age. 

The sweet woman tried to stay optimistic but quickly stumbled upon another obstacle. Hillary had to give her canines a series of vaccinates in order to get back to the UK. Since she didn’t have any money at this point, Hillary had to sell her family jewelry. Although she was able to grant her dogs the medical care that they needed, Hillary felt like she made a big sacrifice that day, and knew that her troubles were far from over.

Once Barrows first reentered the UK, it seemed like she was finally catching a lucky break, when the social services department was willing to supply her with emergency housing. Sadly, her joy was short-lived, because she was told that to enjoy the housing benefit, she’d have to part from Robbie and Cleo.

This was a definite “NO” for the loyal dog owner; her pups were all she had left. Consequently, she had to decline the offer and kept living in her car, along with her best buddies.

As time went by, sweet Hillary’s funds went very low, therefore she had to ration her meals and even give up entire meals, so her pooches won’t be hungry. She wasn’t willing to let them starve under any circumstances, even if it was at her own expense.

Hillary tried to find work, but because she didn’t have an address to fill out on her forms, no one could actually accept her for a position.

At her low point, Hillary had to ask for £1 from a woman on the street, only so she could feed her dogs. It was utterly humiliating for her.

Thankfully, Hillary’s luck finally turned around when she’d received a chance to be featured in an article on the local newspaper. Hillary was finally able to tell about the awful times that she’d gone through, only having her dogs to lean on for comfort and support. She couldn’t believe that she came into such terrible circumstances and wished for things to be different.

Hillary stated that her dogs were the only reason that she kept on living and had struggled a lot of dark thoughts during these hard times.

After the article was published, Hillary had set up a GoFundMe and hoped to gain enough money to buy enough food for her and her furry buddies and possibly even find a home.

When the donations started coming in, Hillary was shocked by the generosity that people had shown her. A dog trainer who manages a shelter even offered Hillary to stay with him for a while. She was deeply touched by their compassion. 

Many people from all over the world raised enough money for Hillary to find a home and take care of her canine companions. Most of the donations were given by devoted dog-lovers, who felt the pain that Hillary was dealing with, and admires the dedication that she has for her beloved canines. 

Hillary loves her dogs more than anything, and she knows that the three of them will remain a forever family until the end of time.

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