Teacher Captures Incredible Images Of Bear Cubs ‘Dancing’ In A Finland Forest

It’s a well-known fact to every Jungle Book fan that it only takes the simple bare-necessities to keep any bear happy and satisfied. Evidently, for these bears, dancing is considered a bare-necessity.

The stunning pictures below were captured by Valtteri Mulkahainen, a gym teacher from Sotkamo, Finland, who devotes almost all of his free time to exploring and capturing his country’s magical beauty.

While Valtteri was exploring the forests surrounding a small town called Martinselkonen, he stumbled upon a mama bear with her three adorably playful cubs.

According to Valtteri, the cub’s behavior unusually resembled that of young children. They were playfully fighting and teasing each other, and at one point, even stood on their hind legs and started pushing each other, in what looked like a well-choreographed dance.

According to recent assessments made by the Finnish Natural Resources Institute, the country has a bear population of between 2020 – 2130 individuals (prior to the 2019 hunting season).

Despite having a relatively large bear population, spread pretty much all across the country, getting this close to a bear is extremely hard. Bears typically do their best to avoid human contact, and usually retreat as soon as they sense their presence. Valtteri managed to capture these images thanks to his unusual patience (as we mentioned before – he is a teacher), and the specially built shelter, that gave him an exceptional view from a distance of only 100 feet from the incident.

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