Tattoo Sleeves For Cats Have Caught Everyone’s Attention

Tattoos are great, some display incredible artwork for visual pleasure and some mean something personal to us. Once we get one tattoo, it’s contagious. Have the thought of getting your cat tattoed has ever crossed your mind? 

Although our pets are just awesome, sometimes we look at them knowing that they have a unique spirit which they want to express but have a hard time doing that because they are animals. 

If you thought your cat doesn’t look cool enough, this is the perfect solution for you and the best thing about it is that it’s abuse-free! 

Meet Airie McCready, a Californian designer, an artist who creates brilliant tattoo-styled outfits which she sells on her Etsy shop called SimplySphynx.

The creative artist said that it all started when a friend showed her a fake tattoo sleeve that teased her to learn sewing.

Nothing will stop Airie from realizing her dream, she learned to sew all by herself even though it required lots of experience and plenty of sewing skills.

Trust us when we say that no one will mess with you or your cat after you dress them up with Airie’s tattoo sleeves.

You can get the tops in around £16.18 on her SimplySphynx Etsy shop.

Airie sells lots of other items for cats on her Etsy shop and they are all created from cat-friendly material so you can pamper your feline friend knowing they will absolutely love it.

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