Swimming With Adorable Otters Is Now A Thing

Barn Hill Preserve lets you swim with tiny otters and make friends with other animals.

As people try to find new and exciting things to do, Barn Hill Preserve in Ethel, Louisiana, welcomes you to swim with tiny otters and interacting with other sweet animals.

Swimming with furry animals is the next thing that every animal lover should do. The Barn Hill Preserve allows you, along with three other friends to spend some time with the cute animal in the water.

Barn Hill Preserve

The Barn Hill Preserve houses the smallest otter species in the world, the Asian small-clawed otters, which are similar to regular otters but a bit smaller (which makes them even cuter).

On the website, it is detailed that the Otter Swim Encounter Tours lasts 3 hours with a guide that takes the visitors to tour around the incredible facility. Lucky residents who live in the area must jump on the opportunity of chilling out in the pool with the adorable wildlife.

The website says: “This tour is a truly unique experience found nowhere else in Louisiana. The otter swim portion of the tour includes time for changing clothes, orientation, and swimming with the otters. It is approximately 1 hour. The average time otters swim in the pool is 35 minutes. The number of otter swims is limited so that this remains a very positive experience for them. While in the pool, you are an observer. We do not allow the otters to be restrained, both for the safety of you and our otters.”

Swimming with the otters will cost you about $154 per person, and you’ll have to bring a bathing suit, towels, clothing, and shoes with you. During the tour, you will walk around their 12-acre facility, so it is recommended to dress comfortably. 

You will probably want to capture the incredible tour, so bringing with you a waterproof camera might be a good idea. Try to avoid wearing loose-fitting jewelry, for they might cause issues. You can have a picnic in reserve- feel free to bring food with you!

Besides the otters, you can see Eurasian Lynx, sweet sloths, bouncy Red Kangaroo Joey, Bearded Dragon, and other cool reptiles.

The remarkable facility has been open for the public around seven years, and its main goal is raising awareness and educating society about animal rescue and conservation.

Barn Hill Preserve

Kids can also get close to wildlife, giving them a chance to interact with the beautiful creatures and make friends with them.

What an incredible initiative! We hope to write more about such facilities that inspire people to help conserve wildlife.

Watch the adorable otters swim around the pool:

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