Sweetest Pup Has Adorable Ears Looking Like Cinnamon Rolls

Being a few-week-old puppy at an animal shelter can be scary, unhealthy, and uncomfortable.

Sadly, a litter of five-week-old pups was abandoned to fend for itself and eventually was taken to a public shelter.

A compassionate woman who also happens to be the president of Pit Sisters heard about the pups’ saddening situation and knew she had to help the 11 puppies.

The president of Pit Sisters, Jean Deane, decided to pick them up from the public shelter and take them to the vet’s clinic so they will get the medical attention they needed. 

The sweet puppies were given a medicated bath and treated for worms, but overall, they were happily in good condition.

They were a litter of 11 pups, and they looked identical! They all had tan coloring and adorable floppy ears. But one of them was a bit different; she had curled inwards ears that looked like cinnamon rolls.

People were surprised by her adorable ears, and she was later named Cinnamon.

Deane knew she had to share the sweet baby canine’s photo with the world, and so she posted it on social media. It has been going viral for all the right reasons. The world is smitten by the pooch, and gladly, he was quickly adopted!

The unlikely looking doggo is now named Kira and lives in St. John’s, Florida, with her mom and dad, Laurie and Matt McGovern. She also has now three dog siblings whom she loves and adores.

With time, her heart-melting ears have uncurled and turned into the regular form, but she’s undoubtedly still adorable!

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