Sweet Sheep Is Fluffy Like A Teddy Bear And Thinks He Is A Dog

A 21-year old pet lover from Marwood, Devon in the UK loves livestock and is a proud pet mom to an adorable Valais Blacknose sheep.

The loving mom, Liberty May, named her sheep pet Wilbur who holds a special place in his mama’s heart. The special sheep breed is known as the most adorable sheep breed in the world, and it’s originally from Switzerland. But Wilbur isn’t just a regular sheep, he is convinced that he is a dog.

The livestock lover says that the sweet sheep can be very stubborn and likes to get his way. But he is also has a huge heart and is a real gentleman. Although the overdramatic sheep can require more attention than usual, she is smitten by him, and she knows he adores her too.

The unlikely duo has become a sensation in their town, I mean when you see a young lady goes to walks with a sheep on a leash you have to tell everyone about it.

Among his best activities, she loves snuggling up on the sofa and playing fetch with the other canines.

Liberty helps her dad with the livestock, and at times he lets her keep her favorite ones. The sheep owner says that she has formed a unique bond with Wilbur, the kind that one forms with its dog. Liberty loves watching Wilbur smiling and enjoying life.

Caters Clips/YouTube

She calls him a “domesticated type of sheep breed” and continues, “So he will just want cuddles and all that affection like a dog would.”

Watch the sheep pet hangs out with his owner in the video below:

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