Sweet Pit Bull Saves The Life Of A Neighbor Who Was Terrified By Him

Although the awareness about ‘breedism’ is growing, people still judge dogs by their breed, discriminating against many friendly dogs. Simba, the pit bull from Sweden, is the perfect example of a sweet dog who is treated like a human-killing monster.

But when Simba heard the neighbor who hated him shouting for help, the right course of action seemed incredibly clear. 

The adorable pup lives in a flat with his human companion, Arjanit Mehana where many residents from the building find him scary because of his breed. They keep out whenever they see him while the only thing Simba has in mind is greeting them.

An older lady who lives in the storey below was the one who disliked Simba the most. Whenever he sees her, he just wanted to greet her, but she was frightened by him and went out of her way just to avoid him. 

When Simba and his companion returned home from a stroll one day, they went up the stairs and passed a neighbor’s entrance, where he insisted on stopping and started to bark. Simba sprang towards the neighbor’s door and refused to go home.

Since he refused to move from the door, Mehana approached him to pick him up, and that was when he heard a voice shout for help, saying, ‘Please don’t go.’ 

Mehana leaped into action and tried to open the door. When he got inside, he found his neighbor collapsed on the floor. Mahana soon learned that the lady fell and broke her hip and was heartbroken to hear that she had been lying there for two days, suffering and unable to move.

Simba’s dad called for an ambulance, and they both waited by her side to ensure that she wasn’t alone till it arrives.

There’s no doubt that Simba saved the neighbor’s life. That was a life-changing moment for her, and now she thanks Simba for hearing her and alerting his owner.

The lady is still in recovery and Simba is hailed for being a hero. Now rumor about Simba’s act of heroism was spread around, and residents have started greeting him, spoiling him with treats and showing him affection.

Mahana hopes that this story will raise awareness and show people that a breed isn’t an indication of a dog’s amiability.

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