Sweet Kitty Brings His Blanket With Him Everywhere he Goes

The Sparky Fund is a shelter for animals, centered inside the Wilson Veterinary Hospital. Every day, many animals are surrendered to the rescue house, so they could get one step closer to finding their forever home.

Sara Budzynowski, which works at the hospital, was paged to examine a few tiny kittens that were brought to the shelter that day. 

When she’d arrived at the shelter, she found that most of the kittens were quite happy and healthy; all except for one, who had an infection on its tail. The tail had to be amputated, so the little furball could survive.

Sara helped amputate and care for the sweet kitten, which was later named Renly. The more time she spent with him, the more she’d realized that he was such a fantastic kitty. Thus she’d decided to have him all to herself. 

Sara chose to adopt the little fluffball. After a bit of recovery time, he was already headed to his new forever home.

Sara was dearly smitten with the sweet fluffball. She fell for him so hard, that it’s no wonder that her fiancé was quick to fall for the kitty himself. They wanted to cuddle him all night and play with him all day. 

As a welcome home gift, the two lovebirds bought little Renly his very own blanket and an adorable pale blue bunny.

Ten months later, Renly is extremely happy and comfortable in his forever home. Nevertheless, he still spends most of his time snuggled with his welcome home gifts.

This furball just can’t leave his blanket! Like a teeny weeny baby, the little one brings it with him wherever he goes.

Sara and her beloved have enjoyed Renly’s company so much that they’ve decided they had to add more members to the family. They went to the shelter and adopted two extremely adorable corgis, named Hotchner and Azula.

Sweet Renly was happy to have new siblings to play with and quickly shared all of his toys with them, including his precious blanket.

Although the dogs don’t really see what all of the fuss is about, Renly is always eager to carry his blanket around wherever he goes. If the fluffball can’t find his blankie, he quickly turns to his stuffed bunny.

Sara believes that the blanket and the bunny mean so much to Renly, because they were his welcome home gifts. He’s thankful for the forever home he was blessed with, loves to cuddle with his blanket and think about his loving human parents when they’re away.

Sara and her fiancé are planning to give Renly and the two corgis the best life. Except for a few washes, they also guarantee to keep Renly’s blanket as close to him as possible, just like their hearts.

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