Sweet Husky Gets Lonely And Sneaks Out To Hug His Canine Neighbor

One is a lonely Husky. The other – a sensitive lab. After being BFFs from afar, now they’ve finally had their very first meet-cute moment

An adorable Husky from Thailand named Audi is a friendly dog who has one little dream. Being all day long by himself in the backyard can be sad at times. His owner is off at work for most of the day, leaving the poor pup all by his lonesome. During the day, the time alone makes him a bit jittery and nervous. 

Not to worry though, his loving BFF, Messy the lab comes to the rescue, or at least to give Audi a warm pep talk. Messy is the neighbor’s dog, who befriended Audi from across the street, through barks alone.

When Audi feels down, Messy hurries to comfort his pal by barking to him and calming him down. The two share incredible moments from a distance. 

Messy’s owner, Oranit Kittragul, is well-aware of their friendship. One day, Audi’s owner forgot to lock the gate of his yard when he went to work, so Audi decided to take a little trip across the street.

It was the first time the adorable pups met, and wow, it a happy union to say the least! 

Oranit saw both dogs hugging each other, playing around and having a good time. She just had to snap up a few photos to share this incredible friendship on social media!

Even though it was their first meet-cute, the photos could’ve really fooled us; it looks like these two pals have been best friends for as long as they could remember.

When the time to say goodbye had come, Messy and Audi parted ways and ran back home, happy and wholesome.

Meet Messy, the sensitive yellow lab that loves her canine neighbor more than anything! 

Messy is always there for Audi, while his owner is off at work. They talk to each other from afar by barking. Time made them BFFs

If Audi is feeling lonesome, Messy is always there, ready for an affectionate pep talk.

When Audi’s owner forgot to lock his yard door one day, Audi decided to have a fun adventure and meet his BFF for the first time. They were so happy to play together and have some well-deserved quality time.

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