Survey Shows Most Dog Owners Kiss Their Dogs More Than Their Parents

When it comes to our dog, every dog owner has a soft spot for their four-legged pals. The next survey is here to show us the degree to which humans love their dogs.

A recent survey conducted by Riley’s Organics, an organic canine treat company, imparts how close doggo owners to their furry companions.

Riley’s Organics asked American canine owners how much love and affection they give their dogs and discovered a shocking stat; generally, pooches get more love than humans.

In fact, the findings reveal that 52% of participants kiss their pooch more than their significant others.

Plus, when it comes to sleep habits, over half of the canine owners, 52% of responders to be exact, rather to sleep in bed with their dogs than with their human companion.

While most people who never owned pets might find the results surprising, the fact that 94% of pet owner responders admitted that they see their doggo as their best friends might make more sense.

It all comes down to this- When it comes to your partner’s dog, take into account that it would probably get more affection than you.

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