Surprisingly Adorable Photographs after Babysitting Cat

Leaving your pets with a babysitter isn’t an easy thing to do, it can be even more nerve-wracking than leaving your kids with a babysitter. You might ask yourself, how is that possible? Well, kids can talk, they can complain about everything they want. On the other hand, pets cannot use words. So, you can’t come back home and ask your cat for feedback, you just have to assume that everything went just fine.

But what about leaving your cat with your photographer friend? That’s just a whole new story. Meet Josell Mariano, a professional photographer. Miranda McDonald, one of his friends, asked him to babysit her cat, Jade. Josell was all into it, but we must say that he took the babysitting job to a whole other level.

Mariano explains that his friend was on tour for two months, so I he ended up taking care of Jade (his friend’s cat) for that entire time. 

Mariano had a blast babysitting Jade. He found her to be sweet and delightful. Every morning, she would wake him up in his bed for cuddles. During the day, she would follow him around everywhere he went- and during the evening, would jump into his bed again.

Mariano knew exactly what he was doing, he has an 8-year-old cat as well, you can see in the pictures down below that he’s familiar with cats. He admitted to loving animals in general, but especially cats because of how cute and furry they are. 

Besides being an awesome photographer, Mariano is an actor as well, so he showed Jane some tricks of how to stand in front of the camera.

Jane was cool about the whole photoshoot situation, she posed for the camera like a pro! Jade was a great model, but still rather restless. Mariano kept her calm using treats and her favorite toy.

Mariano had to share the results on Reddit, people fell in love with the pics and used them as a yearbook

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