Super Adorable! Puppy With A Salvador Dali Moustache Amuses The Internet

Salvador Dali or Salvador Doggie?

Just a few months after the new season of the Netflix hit “The Money Heist” was launched, an adorable puppy with Salvador Dali’s Moustache and other ten siblings were welcomed into the world. Say hello to Dolly!

The little pup’s coloring makes it seems like it has a 20th-century mustache. The Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center posted little Dolly’s pictures earlier this month, which immediately went viral.

She was rescued with her family from the streets last July. Dallas Animal Services does an incredible job with animals in need. They are dedicated and go above and beyond to save animals’ lives.

Here’s the video of Dolly and her family:

The rescue group found the puppies’ mother on the streets in early July when her puppies were about two weeks old.

Whitney Fang and Kevin Zhu are animal activists who have their own nonprofit organization. Fang went to the mom-and-pups section of Dallas Animal Services. When she saw Dolly’s family, she knew she would take them in.

The canine family will be soon heading to New York into foster homes.

Since it’s a puppy season in Dallas, there are plenty of dog mothers on the streets and at the shelter and they are all looking for fosters home and forever families.

The more and the faster people foster and adopt, the more lives they can rescue.

The puppies are still nursing, and so they still need their mom around. They will be up for adoption when they are weaned.

Thank you, all the dedicated people for your joint effort in rescuing homeless dogs.

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