Successful Photographer Abandons Career to Live With Animals

In most cases, animals find themselves at the mercy of others. Fortunately, there are incredible animal activists who dedicate their lives so that animals can have proper conditions. Meet Daria Pushkareva, an elite wedding photographer from Moscow who decided to leave her successful career behind to help animals.

Pushkareva inspired us all with the life-changing decision she has made. We would all agree that leaving your life to live in the woods with animals is an unconventional thing to do.

The elite photographer admits that she was a “workaholic” so she had a strong desire to leave her stressful life behind and move to the pastoral forest.

Even though her career orientation wasn’t related to animals, she had a strong desire to fulfill her childhood dream- open a dog shelter. 

Her biggest desire didn’t come from her love for dogs but rather from her fear of dogs.

It was the first puppy that she and her husband adopted that helped her face her fears. Once she got rid of her fears, she became a dog addict! They couldn’t resist adopting more dogs and bringing them to their flat.


One of their dogs had some behavior issues so the vet said that he recommends giving the dog to a family that has more space. 

You won’t believe it, but since then the compassionate couple has saved over 100 animals; dogs, foxes, and even raccoons!

They could not give their adorable dog away, so they decided to do something extreme, move to a place where space is the last concern, the woods.  Pushkavera took out two loans and purchased a house in the wilderness.

Pushkareva says that the drastic change made their lives more meaningful. Waking up every day and seeing all the animals they take care of gives them real pleasure and satisfaction.

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