Stunning Corgi Pup Is on Cloud Nine at Her First Time in Target Shop

World, meet Zira. She is a breathtaking 4-month-old Corgi. The cutie-pie is so new to the world that everything she sees and touches makes her even more enthusiastic than she already is. What a furball of joy! 

The canine recently went on a shopping trip with her mom and visited a Target shop for the first time. Her happiness and excitement were all captured by her owner and instantly went viral for all the right reasons.

Zira’s owner, Jesse, posted that her sweet pooch already went to Target once, but she was asleep the entire time. This time, the doggy realized what she was missing and decided to take it all in. 

The sweet human mommy said that cutie Zira reminded her of Rose from the movie “Titanic” because she was leaning on the cart as if she wishes to conquer the world!

Just like a baby, the pup loved to smell and explore her new environment with much excitement. She tried to look for things to chew and wished to get some new toys.

Zira became quite famous on Twitter, with over 487K likes and 127K retweets, she’s definitely on her way to the top. Just look how adorable this cutie-patootie looks! She’s so enthusiastic; it makes us feel so happy and exuberated.

Sweet Zira was having the time of her life on a trip to Target

She’s still so young, so every new sighting gets her all excited

Apparently, many pets love to take a field trip to Target and enjoy fun adventures!

Nina Slaney

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