Stunning Black German Shepherd Found Next To His Kennel On The Side Of The Road

Owning a pet is nothing like owning a toy. While both toys and dogs are capable of providing much amusement, the latter also requires love, attention, and basically someone that would take care of them for life. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize what they’re getting themselves into and end up ditching their dogs, leaving the poor creatures to die alone.

Sadly, this was most likely the case of this gorgeous German Shepherd, who was found by Richard Jordan on the side of a Louisiana road.

First, Richard only saw the kennel so he slowed his car and started scanning the area for any dogs, and soon spotted the German Shepherd peeking amidst the trees.

After alerting the animal services, Ricard approached the doggo carefully, and while being a bit suspicious at first Richard soon gained the beautiful animal’s trust.  Upon closer inspection, Richard saw that the dog had a personalized collar engraved with his name – “Borel”.

Richard posted pictures of the dog on a local Facebook group, in attempts to get more information about Borel. Members of the group speculated that Borel wasn’t dumped, as he seems to be very expensive, and that he must have fallen off the back of a truck.

Soon after, the animal services arrived and discovered that Borel was microchipped, allowing them to trace him back to a breeder from the Dallas area.

Though it remains unclear whether Borel was abandoned or simply lost by his original owner, Richard speculates that the doggo has fallen victim to what he calls “fad breeding”.  Borel was born 5 months ago on October 19, right around the same time news of ‘Conan the terrorist-fighting dog’ made nationwide headlines, leading to a drastic increase in demand for German Shepherds. In spite of them being loyal, smart and full of personality, German Shepherds aren’t a breed suitable for everyone:

This story led us to put together a list of a few Do’s and Don’ts for helping abandoned dogs

  • always approach unfamiliar dogs slowly and carefully, making sure not to make any sudden movements that might be interpreted by them as threatening.
  • Never approach a dog that seems aggressive. He’s most likely frightened and getting closer to him will probably just scare him even more, this is even more critical in cases like this one where dogs are found on the sides of roads. Approaching them might just scare them into traffic getting them injured or killed.  
  • A good way of gaining a dog’s trust is by giving them a treat. If you’ve successfully won the dog’s trust, try to calmly and carefully extend your open palm and let them sniff you.
  • most importantly – contact your local animal services so they can get the doggos the help they need.

  1. Bryan Byers

    Dogs are the most loyal beings on our planet. Please take care of them.

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