Students Are Asked To Paint A Horse In Order To “Familiarize Them With Animals”

The teachers at a small horse-riding club for kids with special needs in brazil’s capital had no idea they would find themselves in the middle of an extremely vocal debate when they first planned this controversial activity.

The teachers aimed to help kids with special needs feel more comfortable around animals, by letting them ‘doodle’ on one of the club’s white horses. 

As soon as pictures of the horse covered in bright paint started to emerge on social media, it sparked a loud debate between the two sides.

On the one hand, some claimed that it wasn’t a “big deal” considering the activity took place in a controlled environment, using only non-toxic paints, and had an overall good purpose.

On the other hand, animal rights advocates were furious about the act, stating that it was nothing less than pure animal abuse.

Sérgio Maggio a “Metrópoles” journalist, claimed that “An animal is not a toy for entertaining kids during vacation.” a furious Facebook user also stated: “Why doesn’t the teacher have the children paint on her … see how she likes it.”

The Brazilian Institute of Environment (Ibama) visited the school to evaluate the horse’s condition and determined he was in good shape.

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  1. S Stafford

    Having owned horses, I have a problem with the painting on his head especially so close to its eyes. This was emotionally upsetting for the hose.

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