Stray Puppy Gives His Rescuer A Big Hug The Minute He Realizes He’s Being Rescued

It was a cold rainy night when a little stray puppy named Chowder found a temporary shelter from the rain. There was no way for him to know it, but he was only hours away from finally being rescued. Luckily for us, someone was there to capture the moment the grateful puppy gives his rescuer a big sweet hug to thank her for noticing him, possibly for the first time in his short life.

The poor puppy was vigorously searching for shelter from the rain when he came across a pile of old furniture people dumped in a small and dark alleyway. He found shelter underneath an old damp mattress and closed his eyes to catch a quick snooze.

Happily, soon after that, a kind man passed by and noticed the poor wet stray. The man instantly called  Stray Rescue of St. Louis and ran to get him some much-needed food and water. He even stayed with the pup until help came.

Rescuer Donna Lochmann was absolutely shocked by the way the pooch behaved. Despite spending his entire life on the streets, Chowder was very trusting. He ran straight to the lady as soon as he saw her pulling up in her car.

Lochmann opened her car door and invited the pooch to hop in, which he gladly did. Were glad Lochmann’s friend was there to capture the very moment the puppy gives his rescuer a long, sweet, and grateful hug. He knew he was in safe hands from now on and was so happy to finally be noticed by someone.

The adorable pooch snuggled with the woman the entire drive back to the shelter. As we’ve seen many times before here on Go Animals, it was just a matter of time before the poor stray began to show his real puppy personality. The shelter staff members were so happy to see that the pooch wasn’t the distant and quiet doggo he first appeared to be. The doggo amazed them with his huge bubbly personality and an endless appetite for snuggles and attention.

Chowder the pup still needs to recover from his eye infection and a few other minor health issues, but we haven’t the slightest doubt that he’ll find his forever home in no time!

Want to give Chowder or any of his buddies a forever home? THANK YOU, just click here.

H/T – The Dodo

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