Stray Puppy Chases Car Demanding To Be Saved

Although it doesn’t always feel like it, dogs often have a better understanding of what’s going on around them than we think. A video showing how a stray puppy from Greece chases a woman’s car, demanding to be saved, went viral recently. Be warned – watching it is an emotional roller-coaster that goes from heart-wrenching to adorable in a matter of seconds.

Following financial difficulties and the COVID-19 pandemic

, Greece is now estimated to have anywhere between 5-7 million (!) strays. That’s why it came as no surprise to Valia Orfanidou to see how a stray puppy chases her car while she was driving through a rural area of the country. 

Luckily for the little stray, Orfanidou is a long time animal lover who rescues and fosters strays in her home back in Athens. The kind woman immediately pulled over and tried to lure the pup into her car. 

For some reason, after chasing her car demanding to be rescued, the pup decided to play it hard to get. Every time Orfanidou stepped out of the car he would run to hide under her wheels. As soon as she stepped back in the car, he’d run out of his hiding spot and start barking at her.

Finally, after 10 minutes of going back and forth in and out of her car, the woman was finally able to get ahold of the stray. A comprehensive checkup at the vet determined that the pup was surprisingly in very good health.

Orfanidou took the puppy back to Athens with her and named him Bandit (maybe because he stole her heart?). Naturally, Bandit still has a lot to learn about living with humans, but he’s luckily very curious, so he’s learning fast what he’s allowed to chew on and what makes mommy angry.

Adorable Bandit will be staying with his rescuer as long as it takes him to find a new home, which with your help, may happen faster. If you or anyone you know who lives in Greece would be interested in giving him a warm forever home, don’t hesitate to contact The Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, here.

Watch the moment the stray puppy chased the woman’s car in the video below:

H/T – The Dodo

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