Precious Little Stray Puppy Born With Permanent Squint

Some dogs are so unique that it only takes one short glimpse at them to realize it. This next stray puppy was born with a permanent squint and quickly won over the heart of everybody she came across. 

The pup was born in Antigua and brought to the doorstep of a vet by a good samaritan who found her wandering around. When the vet opened his clinic’s door to find the little pup in a cardboard box, he instantly fell in love with her adorable appearance. The wrinkled forehead made the stray puppy look like she has a permanent squint.

The vet called Dogs and Cats of Antigua, a local rescue group, who came to pick the puppy up. Seeing that the pup was completely blind and missing two of her eyes, they chose to name her Faith.

Dog’s like Faith don’t have much of a chance in a place like Antigua. They would usually end up being euthanized as there are very few adopters on the island and even fewer money to spend on strays. Against all odds, the wonderful people of Dogs and Cats of Antigua fostered Faith and convinced the local government to give her a permit to fly to the U.S. to get the medical attention she needed.

Faith was finally ready to begin her path towards recovery. She was flown to the U.S. to her new foster momma Venezia. The woman was shocked by how determined the little blind pup was to get by on her own.

The fearless dog learned to navigate Venezia’s home using only her nose and ears. When she’d hit something she wasn’t put off by it, and would just try again, and again, and again.

According to Faith’s foster mom, the doggo is very friendly and loves being around humans. She loves climbing her lap and would come running whenever she’d hear her talking to someone in another room. After passing all her medical examinations, Faith is finally ready to start a new chapter in life in her forever home!

If you want to support Dogs and Cats of Antigua’s important work, feel free to click here and leave them a donation.

H/T – The Dodo

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