Stray Pup Visits Subway Every Night and Gets a Free “Special Meal”


Sally, a stray pup from Portales, New Mexico established a special relationship with the staff of the small town’s Subway branch.

According to Kxnuko, a TikTok user and one of the staff members, Sally shows up at their door at the same time every night, with eyes full of hope and anticipation for receiving her “special meal” – a few slices of bacon, salami, and roast beef. A routine that rightfully earned her the nickname – “Subway Sally”. 

In contrary to popular opinion, Sally proves that beggars can be choosers. Even though she’s a loyal Subway customer at heart, if the staff happens to be slow and late to serve her meal, Sally will go across the street and try her luck at her second favorite restaurant – Taco Bell.

After uploading the video, some viewers doubted the credibility of the story stating that Sally’s fur seems to be too clean for a stray dog. These claims led  Kxnuko to uploaded a follow-up video, explaining that Sally is being taken care of by the entire community and that a lady who runs a nearby flower shop occasionally grooms and baths her.

A few residents Portales attempted to adopt Sally in the past, but the sneaky pup always seems to run away and find a way back to her loyal Subway friends.


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