Stray Pooch Is Captured Seeking Shelter On A Frigid Night In Nativity Scene Manger

There are millions of homeless dogs around the world trying to seek shelter during the wintertime. Some are held in shelters hoping to find a forever home one day while others roam the streets, trying to survive each day coming, without a helping hand or comfort.

When one helpless pooch in Criciúma, Brazil, had to fend for himself in a frigid night, he had no place to go till he came across a comfy place to hide from the storm, a manger.

When a few ladies paid their local Nativity scene a visit, they noticed a pooch lying peacefully next to a baby Jesus figure seemingly finding comfort in its company. The adorable doggo was curled up, trying to stay warm and enjoy the peaceful moment.


The heartwarming scene touched the ladies’ hearts, and they had to capture the whole scenario. They couldn’t keep the gold for themselves and shared it on social media so other people could enjoy it too. Social media was smitten by the poor pooch who only sought shelter from the cold.

The footage has made its rounds on social media, and due to the popularity of the story, the stray doggo found a forever home for Christmas.

The video has reminded many that we always need to be compassionate when it comes to animals, especially during the holiday season.


Watch the heartwarming video below:

Winter is coming, and many dogs are desperate to find a shelter from the cold. A small act of kindness can mean the world for stray animals. This woman saw a shivering dog curled up in the street and tucked him in with her own scarf to keep it warm, inspiring the world to help strays too.

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