Stray Dogs Go Up To Cars And Beg People To Adopt Them

Some stray dogs refuse to come to terms with their condition and will do anything to be adopted. These two adorable stray dogs beg people to adopt them, and it’s absolutely heart-wrenching.

The Two Stray Dogs Went Up To Destiny Vasquez's Car To Beg Her To Adopt Them

The dogs went unnoticed until 18-year-old Destiny Vasquez spotted them. Vasquez knew she couldn’t let them down and took pictures and a video of the two strays while crying her heart out. Her video only shows one of the dogs, as she didn’t know there were two at the time. 

It was no coincidence that Destiny was the first to help the two. Her mother, Jessica Marin, is an animal lover who saved many strays from a lonely life on the street. As soon as she got her daughter’s videos, Marin got in her car and drove straight to the fast-food restaurant where the two strays were found. After asking one of the restaurant’s employees about the two, Marin came to learn that they’ve been there for a very long time.

The Two Stray Dogs Desperately Beg People To Adopt Them

Marin sent some pictures and her daughter’s video to Leslie Ysuhuaylas Hennings, a local animal rights activist, hoping that she could help the two find forever homes. Hennings was immediately touched by the way the two so desperately begged to be adopted. She posted the pictures on her Facebook account. She then wrote: “They literally begged to be taken, but they weren’t. They go up to every car that passes by in hopes to find a home. It’s been weeks. Tonight it will be another night in the parking lot. It will be another night in the streets. These two only have each other and desperately need rescue together! Please help network them for rescue and foster!” Happily, Hennings wasn’t the only one who was moved by the video of the two adorable strays.

Ana Teran, A volunteer at the Huston-based animal rescue organization The Animal Aid Brigade saw the post. The woman knew that she couldn’t ignore the two’s distress. Teran rented a car and drove all the way from Huston to Brownsville in south Texas to pick the two doggos up. When she got to the parking lot where the doggos hanged out, they were very happy to meet her. They jumped around Teran excitingly and were simply happy to be noticed by a human. The two obviously knew that they’re in good hands because they fell asleep and slept throughout the whole journey to the shelter.

The Two Stray Dogs No Longer Need To Beg People To Adopt Them

The two stray doggos are currently recovering at the Animal Aid Brigade, waiting to find the right people who’d give them a forever home. If you’re interested you can contact them here and apply for adoption. You can also help by leaving a donation for the rescue group via PayPal, here.


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