Stray Dog Smiles At The Man Who Found Him And Wins His Heart

While most dogs show their excitement by wagging their tail or jumping around, this stray dog smiles just like a human.

The dog, who’s now named Brink, wasn’t always a happy pooch. A lifetime on the streets of New York left a toll on him. The doggo spent most days looking for food in bins and roaming the streets all alone. Happily, those days are long gone. Nowadays, Brink lives with his rescuer Jon Bozak.

Bozak first met Brink 12 years ago. He spotted the Pitbull on a rainy day and immediately brought him into his car. That was also the first time he saw how the stray dog smiles. Bozak, who already owned a dog, wasn’t planning on getting another one, but it seems that the pooch didn’t leave him much choice. Brink jumped to the front seat, turned towards his rescuer, and grinned at him adorably. Brink’s smile captured the man’s heart. Bozak knew that he was never going to give him up.

He spent the next couple of months searching for the doggo’s previous owners, but luckily, without success. After covering the city with thousands of “found dog” flayers, Bozak finally registered the doggo and made him an official part of his family. Now, 12 years later, Brink still smiles as if it all happened yesterday. He knows that Bozak saved his life, and he’ll never forget that.

Don’t miss Brink’s captivating smile in the video below:

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