Stray Dog Sits At The Same Spot Every Day Waiting To Be Saved

Volunteers of the Romanian non-profit rescue organization Howl of a Dog were running a spay campaign in Rural Romania. On one of the villages along the way, the volunteers met a dog that was so desperate for love and affection, that from the moment he first saw them he clung to them and didn’t let go.

The dog, later to be named Remy, bared the marks of his difficult life in the small village. The poor stray was branded, which is a common custom in rural Romania where a dog’s nose is marked with burning hot iron to, supposedly, improve its immune system and prevent distemper. This superstitious practice is obviously not backed by any scientific research, and yet, sadly, is still fairly common in rural areas of Romania. 

On top of that, a large portion of the pooch’s ear was missing. No one in the small village knew to answer the volunteer’s questions as to what exactly happened to the poor doggo, nor did they show any interest in helping him find a home.

The Howl of a Dog volunteers speculated that the villagers’ lack of interest in the dog, was rooted in the fact that in those rural areas, dogs are often seen as work tools, to be used for either hunting, guarding or herding. A friendly pooch like Remy is often regarded as being useless and irrelevant. The only person to recognize Remy’s existence was the lady who ran the village’s grocery store. The woman kindly allowed the doggo to sleep outside the store and fed him every single day, but even she didn’t show any interest in giving Remy a warm home.

Remy, who was used to being overlooked, was excited to get unprecedented amounts of attention from the volunteers who came to his village. He excitedly waited for them each morning and greeted them with his shiny eyes and wagging tail. After asking around, the volunteers determined that Remy didn’t belong to anyone in the village. They’ve decided to bring him with them to the shelter and give him a fresh start. At the shelter, Remy was vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, but more importantly – for the first time in his life, he received endless amounts of love and tender care.

After recovering, Remy was put up for adoption, and judging by Howl of a Dog’s Facebook post from last December, found the loving home he so desperately deserved.

Howl of a Dog also offers international adoptions outside of Europe, to find out more about the adoption procedure, visit their website.

Watch the volunteer’s first meeting with Remy in the heartwarming video below:

  1. I want him I lost my best friend he would be a great addition to my family

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