Stray Dog Finds The Workplace Of A Guy Who Was Nice To Her And Clings To Him

Life on the streets is hard for stray animals, who often get overlooked even by pet owners, who view them as being dirty or aggressive. That’s probably the reason that once a stray animal finds a ray of light among all the superstitious people, they tend to ‘adopt’ them as their pet parents. This Malaysian man was naturally kind to a stray dog he met at the beach, and was completely shocked when he saw how one of them eventually finds his workplace and clings to him, refusing to let go.

Mohd Ridhuan was enjoying a calm day at the beach with his friends in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, when he saw a group of stray dogs chilling next to the waterfront. Despite his friends’ pleads not to approach the strays, out of fear for his safety, Ridhuan couldn’t turn a blind eye on them. They looked so hungry and helpless, and the kind man knew he had to do something to help them.

Slowly and carefully, Ridhuan approached the strays, who responded with endless tail wags and kisses. They were simply happy to finally be noticed, and cared for by a human! Seeing how much his attention is appreciated and sought after, Ridhuan began to visit the dogs on the beach whenever he could. The man formed a deep and close bond with the pack, who could smell him from a distance. But there was one dog with which he bonded more than the others, a brown and white dog he named Sally.

Then, one day, Ridhuan had to cover for his friend at work, and couldn’t visit his canine friends at the beach. He was in absolute shock when he saw how Sally patiently waits for him to finish his shift outside.

From the moment Sally tracked down Ridhuan’s workplace, she made it her new home. Ridhuan was glad to spend more time with her but he sadly couldn’t take Sally home with him after work, because his landlord doesn’t allow pets. With that said, Ridhuan still finds comfort in the fact that Sally is much safer outside the store than she is at the beach.

Being a good friend, Ridhuan is looking to find Sally a safe and warm forever home, even if it means that he won’t see her as often. Thank you Ridhuan, for being such a kind and humane person, despite being doubted by your friends.

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