Stray Cat Crashes The Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra’s Concert And Steals The Show

We love covering stories about animals that crash shows because they’re just the perfect ice breaker. They can turn a room full of serious straight faces into a cheerful room filled with laughter. A video showing how a stray cat crashes a the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra concert recently emerged online and took the internet by storm.

If you own a cat, you don’t need us to tell you how inconsiderate they can be at times. Sometimes it even seems like they’re doing it on purpose and choose to show up just when you’re in the middle of doing something important.

the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra were on stage all tuned and ready to start the concert when an uninvited guest allowed himself on stage. It was an adorable stray kitten who somehow managed to make his way onto the stage.

Baffled by the unusual sight, some players laughed in embarrassment while others petted the precious little stray. Following several failed attempts to catch him, the stray decided to climb the conductor’s podium. Maybe he wanted to get a better view of the cheering crowd.

Watch the moment the stray cat crashes the concert in the video below:

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