Stray Cat Breaks Into The Zoo and Befriends a Lynx

Seeing the world filled with homeless cats breaks out hearts. Many of them are in desperate need of a forever home, but there are just so many of them and unfortunately, we can’t take all of them home.

One cat decided that if she’s not about to be given a forever home, she’ll just have to find one on her own. The sweet fluffball broke into the St. Petersburg Zoo and claimed one of the cages as her brand-new home.

There was only one question in mind – who would be the lucky animal to win the heart of the adorable calico?

Well, unsurprisingly, the kitty saw a lynx, a fellow feline, and quickly decided that he will make the perfect roommate. 

Some might think that the feral lynx would have thought of this little kitty as a late-night supper. However, the lynx was quite happy to meet a new friend, especially one similar to him.

The lynx hurried to the new cat in the cage and started licking her with love, happily welcoming her to his humble abode. 

We were so happy to discover that there is a video capturing this endearing moment!

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