Stolen Support Dog Faints When She’s Finally Reunited With Her Human

Earlier this month, Virginia Beach Police got a call about a stolen vehicle. To the car owner, it was much more than just a vehicle. It was his home, but even more importantly, his support dog was inside at the time it was stolen.

The man, called Bobby Linville, is a street artist. His 8-month-old Husky, Baby Girl Blue, was his everything. Linville suffers from PTSD, he’s autistic, and he has occasional seizures that Baby Girl Blue can sense ahead of time and warn him about. His pooch provides him with all the support he needs, mentally and physically. In his efforts to reunite with his pooch, Lineville gave an interview to 10 On Your Side. He said: “I don’t care about my van. My boss owns a car lot, I can get another vehicle. A vehicle is a dime a dozen, but my dog, you can’t replace that. My dog was my right-hand man or woman, you know what I’m saying? Like, my best friend, my everything, I’m trying not to cry as we speak.” 

The robbers presumably kept the car and ditched the pooch, because a few days later, Norfolk police found Baby Girl Blue roaming the streets alone. When the staff at the city’s animal care center saw the news report about Baby Girl Blue, they immediately recognized her. Tracking down Linville was no easy task, but they eventually found him and reunited him with his beloved dog. The stolen support dog was so relieved to be with her human again, that she fainted in excitement.

Despite being reunited with his pooch, Linville’s quest to restore his life isn’t over yet. He is still homeless as he was living out of his van prior to the robbery. Norfolk police are still looking for the man’s van. Linville isn’t counting on it though, he is currently trying to sell as many paintings to buy a new van. You can support him by leaving a donation on his GoFundMe page.

Watch ABC7NY’s report on the incident here:

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