Steve Irwin’s Son Honors His Dad By Recreating An Epic 15-Year-Old Picture

Steve Irwin, who is known as ,the crocodile hunter,, was an Australian wildlife expert who became one of the world’s most famous television stars. 13 years after his tragic death his son makes an incredible tribute by recreating an iconic picture of his dad working with a crocodile.

15-year-old Steve’s son, Robert, follows in his beloved dad’s footsteps by working as a wildlife photographer. Robert travels all around the world to capture incredible pictures, from Africa to North America, he inspires us with his adventurous lifestyle.

Robert decided to honor his dad by recreating an unforgettable moment of his dad making a close encounter while feeding a huge crocodile at Australia Zoo. He made it look exactly like his dad’s picture. The photo was taken at the same place and young Irwin fed the same crocodile named Murry.

Steve’s son shared the striking tribute on social media alongside his dad’s picture and the post has captured the internet’s heart.

Robert wrote in his Instagram Account: 

“Dad and me feeding Murray… same place, same croc – two photos 15 years apart”

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