Steve Irwin’s Family Spoil Us With Pictures Of Their Self-Isolation Buddies

While many of us stay at home and distance ourselves from society, in attempts to flatten the curve and stop the spread of Coronavirus, other (more fortunate ones if we may add), get to spend their quarantine with a whole zoo. Among those lucky ones, are the world-famous family members of the late Steve Irwin AKA The Crocodile Hunter. The family helps to run Steve’s life legacy – The Australia Zoo and practically live there. After very little thinking, the Irwins figured they’ll rather spend their self-isolation with the company of a zoo-full of beloved wild creatures.

Sixteen-year-old Robert Irwin, Steve’s son, Tweeted this adorable selfie with a tortoise named Igloo. The internet clearly missed hearing from the croc hunters from down under, considering that the tweet was already retweeted by almost 89K people and gained a staggering 890K likes, since being posted this Tuesday.

The fun didn’t stop there though. The latest addition to the family, Chandler Powell, who recently married Steve’s daughter Bindi, might have gotten jealous of Robert’s astronomical success and also uploaded a photo with another tortoise named Shellf.

The amusing selfies inspired us to do a bit of research on these fascinating creatures ourselves. Unlike any other turtle species, who are amphibians, meaning they live both in and outside of water, tortoises are land-dwelling reptiles. Tortoises are known for having the longest lifespan on earth. The oldest recorded tortoise was an Aldabra giant tortoise named Adwaita, who according to estimations, died at the age of 255.

Hopefully, we could all enjoy the company of animals soon but in the meantime, the Irwins have us covered with their adorable selfies.

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