Starbucks Introduces Must Have Animal Line

Capturing a good Instagram photo isn’t as easy as it seems. This new product collection might turn your Instagram the new hottest thing. Starbucks takes a special spot in our hearts. Besides making delicious Frappuccino, they also make cool merchandise. Starbucks cups are one of the most instagrammable products to take pictures with, but have you seen the newest adorable animal-styled line?

Starbucks China has recently released the new reusable animal-styled merchandise collection.

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Starbucks touches our soft spots and releases a cute merchandise animal line that has caught everyone’s attention. Among the adorable collection, you can find various cool animals like sheep, cats, raccoons, squirrels and even a cute alpacas!

The must-have collection is something that we all want. But oops, you can get them only in China- trust us when we say it’s worth taking a trip all the way to China.

Among the newest Starbucks items line, you can find magnet coasters, cat paw cup, cute drying base, raccoon mug that can hold your phone and many other cute items. The collection is colorful and fresh, kind of makes us want to take a sip of a cold drink right next to the pool.

The items are available now on Starbucks China’s FB page or Instagram account.

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