Sleepy Squirrel Takes A Nap In A Custom-Made Squirrel Bed

We all know how adorable squirrels are, but who would have thought that squirrels using miniature furniture can be that much more adorable? We’ll tell you who – Sharon Cutler, a seasoned photographer who skillfully captures the heart-melting moment a tiny squirrel takes a nap in a custom made squirrel bed in her backyard.

The landscape photographer originally built the tiny bed from driftwood, to serve as a prop for her daughter’s guinea pig photoshoot. Recently, after spending a lot of time at home, Cutler came across her tiny bed and decided to repurpose it to serve a practical use. She fitted it with matching miniature linens and pillows, and strategically placed it beneath the squirrels’ favorite tree.

She readied herself with a camera in hand and waited quietly for the first visitor. It wasn’t long before he came.

The curious squirrel who Cutler later named Cyril sniffed around the bed for a while before determining it was nap-worthy.

Cyril obviously had a long and tiring day, judging by how quickly the squirrel decides he’s going to take a nap in the custom made squirrel bed.

Sadly the sneaky little visitor didn’t hang around for long and took off the second he woke up from his nap. He must have had a lot of other squirrely business to take care of.

Luckily the precious pictures of him catching a snooze in the tiny bed will remain forever.

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