Squirrel Mama Stops Passerby And Leads Her To Her Injured Baby

When Tia Powell from Virginia walked at a park near her home one day, she came across an adorable creature looking at her- a squirrel.

Tia Powell

While Powell passed her by and continued on her way, the squirrel didn’t let her go, leaped towards her, and grabbed her sweatpants.

Tia Powell

Powell couldn’t believe the unlikely scenario and tried to shoo the squirrel away as the furry creature refused to let go. As the squirrel came back to her, Powell felt like the animal tried to show her something.

Tia Powell

The passerby was curious to see what it was all about, so she stopped and watched the bold squirrel’s actions. The determined squirrel led Powell to a hiding spot off the path where something unexpected was waiting, a baby squirrel with a hurt leg.

Tia Powell

Powell didn’t know how to react and eventually decided to scoop it up and relocate it to a safer spot. The mom seemed trusting of Powell and cooperative when she moved it to a safer place.

After her good deed, Powell continued on her way, but when she looked back, she noticed the squirrel family following her. That was when she realized they needed more help, and as she looked around, she saw a black cat lurking at them.

She connected the dots and realized that the two furry animals were scared of the cat, and so she shooed it away. Although it didn’t seem like the baby’s leg injury was severe, it was enough to slow him down and prevent him from finding shelter when needed.

Powell couldn’t leave them there to fend for themselves, and so she contacted wildlife specialist who decided to move the squirrels to higher ground.

Watch the video of the rescue here:

The baby squirrel was now in a safe spot where it could recover safely.

Powell wanted to come back to see whether they were doing fine, but this time she came with her children. And there they were, the mother and son, staring at her from a branch.

Pulaski Police Department

Thanks to the mama squirrel’s boldness and Powell’s compassion, the squirrel family got a second go at life.

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