Soldier Couldn’t Take His Dogs From Afghanistan Then Private Jet Was Sent To Him

Meet Andrew Morales, a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps. Back in 2011, Morales rescued two dogs named Wyatt and Dusty from Afghanistan during a mission and brought them to Southern California. 

But two years later, he was informed that he would be relocated to Camp Lejeune.

When the incredible Marine made his preparations to move to the new military base, he figured that his two dogs were going to be left behind. Sadly, they were too big to join him on the commercial flight for the airport didn’t take large airplanes.

Morales contacted the rescue group that helped him transfer the dogs to Cali. The rescue league shared his case on Facebook in hopes someone would be able to help.

The heiress of Wrigley Gum, Helen Rosburg, learned about the Marine’s situation and rushed into action. She decided to send Morales no less than a private jet that would take him, his family and furry companions to his new base.

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Rosburg couldn’t let the brave Marine losing his beloved rescue dogs. She sees Wrigley, her family, as patriotic and Morales was a hero for her.

The Moraleses couldn’t believe it, they were so thankful for the remarkable gesture and even offered to meet her to thank her for her kindness.

Thanks to Morales, the rescue group and Rosburg, Morales and his beloved rescue dogs live happily together.

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