Soft-Hearted Soldier Saved Squirrel’s Life, Now They’re Best Buddies

When a Belarusian soldier, named Pyotr Pankratau, saved a dying squirrel’s life, there was no way he could have known that the tiny critter will soon become his best friend. Despite his military duties, Pyotr found the time to feed and nurture the squirrel. The tiny critter repaid the man for his kindness with endless love.

Pyotr told Euro Radio about his first encounter with the squirrel. He said:  ‘He was lying unconscious under the tree. There were worms in his mouth and right eye so I took them out. Two weeks later everything got back to normal.’ Pyotr then continued: ‘I fed him with baby food and milk through a syringe every four hours. Then his teeth came out and he started eating himself. Half a year later I vaccinated and registered him.’

When the man left the army and became a taxi driver in Belarussia’s capital city Minsk, he brought his tiny friend, who’s now named Masik, along with him. Pyotr and Masik’s friendship came as a surprise to many who previously believed that squirrels cannot be kept as pets. Pyotr explained: “I took him with me everywhere. In the army, everywhere. So he got used to this. Masik has a standard route at home, too – eating, then sleeping, from the kitchen to either under the blanket or to the wardrobe. He likes to sleep with me, close to my neck. He is very independent. There are no better animals.” The man then said: “He ran away once, but I came up to the tree and he returned. Recently, I put him on a tree, and he was totally frightened and trembled all over.” 

Pyotr tries not to bother his tiny friend and doesn’t show him to every passenger. ‘what’s the point? Why disturbing him all the time? I show him to kids. However, I watch him constantly.’ Pyotr said.

The two spend every second together

It’s truly heartwarming to see how much love these two share! The ex-soldier saved the tiny squirrel’s life and the tiny critter knows it and appreciates what he’d done for him.

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