Social Media Is Smitten By This Cocker Spaniel Who Looks Just Like A Doll!

Pup looks just like a fairytale character has taken over social media by a storm.

This little puppy is an absolute cutie! Winnie, the dog, just like Winnie The Pooh, is definitely captivating our hearts by the storm.

Her eyes are just to die for! The pretty princess looks just like Barbie’s perfect little dog.

As we find it difficult to stop looking at her, it’s no wonder that her new video has gone viral and took over the internet. Everyone wants to enjoy this adorable pup all day long!

OMG, she looks just like a doll, it’s uncanny! Just 3-month-old and Winnie is already spinning heads all over the world. Barbie would be so proud. 

Within a month alone, Winnie has become a social media sensation; she already has amassed more than 230,000 followers on Instagram, and I think we know this is only the beginning of her fabulous way to stardom.


We just want to give her a big kiss!

Awwww, she wants to eat too!

What a model!

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