Smart Little Hummingbird Builds A Nest With A Roof

Nature is full of amazing structures that animals build for the sole purpose of protecting their offsprings against the weather and hide them from the eyes of predators. The mamma hummingbird in the next story creatively utilized her environment to make her babies’ living conditions significantly comfier.

The images below were snapped by Bianca Caroline Soares, a conservationist at a Paraguayan nature reserve. She spotted the unusual bird nest, last spring when patrolling the dense forests of the reserve. The nest was nothing like any of the nests Bianca saw before – it had its own roof! We’re sure that the hummingbird’s neighbors were jealous of their neighbors’ prime location, right under the leafy roof.

Over the next weeks, Bianca learned that the bird’s nest didn’t just look cool, but also kept her offsprings cool, providing the family with much-needed shade. Their mother’s ingenious construction kept the babies comfy even on the hottest days.

The bird’s thoughtful planning allowed her babies to grow strong and leave the nest to start families of their own. We hope that they learned a thing or two about nest construction from their mother.

Bianca hopes that this story will inspire people to take better care of nature. You can help her by sharing the story with your friends

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